Following the Government’s new directive to keep our nation safe and slow the spread of the coronavirus, Wrightington Health Club will be temporarily closing from the evening of Wednesday 4th November.

To keep up to date with how the Health Club is handling the current situation, please visit this page. We will also continue to email all members with further details.

Thank you again for your support during this difficult time for us all and when it is safe to do so, we look forward to welcoming you back to the health club and supporting you on your fitness journey.

Please see below our purpose built FAQ’s which are designed to help you during our closure:

Due to COVID 19, what will happen to the health club?

Following the government’s latest update to keep our nation safe and slow the spread of the coronavirus, Wrightington Health Club will be closing their doors on the evening of Wednesday 4th November.

What will happen to my payments during the club closure?

We are really sorry, due to the timing of the Government announcement we were unable to change direct debits. This means that your monthly payment for November has already been processed by the banks and will be taken as normal.

We will of course credit you when we reopen for the time the club will be closed.

For members that have paid upfront for the year, we will add the equivalent time onto the end of your contract for the time the club has been closed.

What do I do if I want to suspend or cancel my membership going forward?

please email  E: [email protected] and we will administer and acknowledge this request for you in due cause once our health club staff are safely able to return to their roles.

Should I cancel my direct debit whilst you are closed, considering you are not charging me?

No, please do not cancel any Direct Debit instruction. We assure you that no Direct Debits will be requested during the closure. When our gyms are open again, to ensure you get a seamless transition with restarting your gym workouts and to prevent you from falling into arrears, we would encourage you to keep your Direct Debit instruction active.

What happens if I have already cancelled my direct debit with the bank?

Please contact the health club when we are back up and running to reactivate your direct debit as soon as we reopen again.

I have a question or a complaint, how do I raise this?

We hope that your questions have been answered by our recent communication via email or through the website and FAQ’S. However, any queries that have not been covered will be responded to in due cause, when our team are safely able to return to their roles. We would encourage you to contact us via E: [email protected] with your query and we ask for your patience whilst your emails are administered at this time.

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